Villa Vrindavan Experience (video)

Villa Vrindavan Experience (video)

Guided tour through the spiritual oasis

Hare Krishnas are traditionally engaged in the practice and preaching of values ​​and knowledge about vegetarianism, meditation, karma, reincarnation, holistic medicine and over the years have become an important reference of the global spiritual culture.

The commitment of Villa Vrindavan, like all the Hare Krishna temples in the world, is aimed at creating a meeting place where you can learn and cultivate ancient knowledge of the science of devotion and love for God in the sublime principles of bhakti yoga, authentic and lasting alternative that leads to know our true self, giving harmony, balance, satisfaction and joy that contributes to the spread of the world peace.

Villa Vrindavan
Via Scopeti 106/108
San Casciano Val di Pesa – Florence
Tel. +39 (O)55 820 054

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