CD Dhruva Maharaja Musical

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Narrator Arjuna das
Dhruva Maharaja / Queen Suniti Gaurangi dasi
Narada Muni / Sage Parividha das
Kuvera / Manu / Sage / Vishnu-dutas Jagi Bibanovic
King Uttanapada Jayadeva das
Queen Suruci Haraprana dasi
Lord Vishnu Kripamoya das

Keyboards and musical arrangements by Jagi Bibanovic
Acoustic guitar by ‘Dharma’ Dave Stuckey
Recorded by Jagi Bibanovic and Dwijamani das
Mastered by Jagi Bibanovic
Music by Parividha das & Jagi Bibanovic
Lyrics by Parividha das
Based on chapters of Srila Vyasadeva’s SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM
Translated by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Directed and produced by Parividha das © 2003


Narrator: Svayambhuva Manu, who was born of Lord Brahma, had two sons, who were both very competent to rule the universe. His eldest son King Uttanapada had two queens, named Suniti and his favorite Suruci. Once, the King was playing with his youngest son Uttama, born of Suruci. While he was thus engaged, his eldest son Dhruva, who was born of Suniti, wanted to join in the fun and tried to climb on this fathers lap, but the King was reluctant to let him do so, due to the disapproving glance of his beloved queen Suruci:

Suruci: Child. His son you might be. With that I don’t disagree,
but that doesn’t mean, you can sit on his knee!
You’re not qualified! Can’t you see?
Your attempt is doomed to fail, because you weren’t born from me!
Child! I don’t think it’s very wise,
to try to fulfill what you can’t realize
You are trying to instill a desire, impossible to fulfill
Only my offspring can please the King!
Whatever you do won’t change a thing!
So If you are still desiring
to sit on the throne or the lap of the King.
You have to forgo living in luxury
and undergo severe austerities to satisfy Lord Hari.
And then by His mercy take your next birth from me! Ha ha ha ha!
Narrator: The boy Dhruva, having been struck by the harsh words of his
stepmother began to breathe very heavily, as does a snake when struck by a
stick. When he saw that his father remained silent and did not protest,
Dhruva immediately left the room and went crying to his mother, his lips
trembling in anger.
Suniti: O my darling, what has happened? What is wrong Dhruva? Tell me?
Kanti: Suruci was very mean to him your majesty.
Suniti: What did she do to him Kanti?
Kanti: Well your majesty, when Dhruva wanted to climb on Maharaja’s lap.
Suruci told him that he could only do
so, by first pleasing the Supreme Lord and then.
Suniti: Yes?
Kanti: And then to take birth from her.
Suniti: O Dhruva,
Don’t wish for anything inauspicious for others.
For anyone, who gives pain to others
will suffer himself that very same pain!
Whatever has been spoken by Suruci, however harsh is true and relevant,
as your father doesn’t consider me his wife or even his maidservant.
He became ashamed of me!
It’s a fact that you are born from the womb of an unfortunate woman
O my dear son. O Dhruva
If you desire to sit on the throne like your stepbrother,
you’ll have to follow the instructions of your stepmother
to worship the Lord. It’s true.
Worship the lotus feet of Sri Vishnu, for simply by his meditation,
Lord Brahma acquired the qualifications to create this universe
And your grandfather,
all his desires were fulfilled and then he gained liberation
Therefore take shelter of the Lord, Who is so kind
My darling, if you want to succeed
you shouldn’t forget that His lotus feet
are the shelter of those, who seek
sense gratification or liberation
from the cycle of birth and death.
Narrator: After deliberate consideration and fixed determination, Dhruva
left his fathers palace.
Narada Muni: Narayana Narayana Narayana
Narrator: When the great sage Narada came to know about Dhruva’s activities
he became surprised and decided to visit the young prince.
Narada Muni: Narayana Naryana Narayana.
How wonderful are the powerful ksatriyas. Even the slightest denigration of
their character is intolerable for them. He’s only a child, yet harsh words
from his stepmother proved unbearable to him.
Narrator: Narada touched the boy’s head with his all virtuous hand.
Narada Muni: My dear child, boys of your age like to engage
themselves in sports and play. Why this dismay?
One suffers or enjoys results of previous actions
So there is no need for dissatisfaction
You have decided to undertake the instructions of your mother to meditate
to achieve a reward from the Lord, but that can’t be done by just anyone.
Therefore why bother? Better go back to your mother.
In a few years from now you can take this vow.
To become qualified, you should try being satisfied.
See it all as a reward. The mercy of the Lord!
Either happiness or misery, failure or victory,
If you succeed I guarantee, You’ll cross the ocean of darkness very easily.
And be very pleased, whenever you meet someone in your life,
who is more qualified.
And be compassionate, whenever you meet someone,
you can guess is qualified less.
And when you meet someone equal to you, this is what you should do,
make friends with him and in this way,
you’ll never have a reason to runaway!
Narayana Narayana Narayana.
Dhruva: O Naradaji, someone like me
who gets disturbed so easily,
What you so kindly have explained,
This kind of philosophy doesn’t appeal to me.
My dear Lord, I’m very impudent, but it’s not my fault
Born in a ksatriya family the words of Suruci have pierced me
Learned Brahmana, I want to occupy
The highest position in heavens sky.
More exalted than achieved even by my grandfather and great grandfather
O Naradaji, You are like the sun. For the benefit of everyone,
playing your veena, you traverse the entire universe.
Narada Muni: The advice given by your mother is very wise and just suitable
for you. For fulfilling one’s wishes one should indeed worship the lotus
feet of Lord Hari. My dear son, I wish all good fortune unto you. Go to the
bank of the Yamuna river and absorb your mind in the Lord. Bathe three times
daily in her waters, which are very auspicious, sacred and clear. On her
banks, there’s a virtuous forest named Madhuvan, where one draws nearer to
Lord Hari. There prepare yourself an asana and sit in a calm and quiet
position and practice the three kinds of breathing exercises, thus gradually
control the life air, the mind and the senses.
Completely free yourself from all material contamination and with great
patience begin to meditate on the Lord.
His face is very beautiful.
His eyes, His nose, His forehead are all very beautiful.
His form is ever youthful. His hue is blue.
Dhruva: Blue?
Narada Muni: Yes blue. His eyes and lips are reddish like the rising sun
He will always be the defender of those who surrender,
and those who have reached perfection
in seeing Him, feel complete satisfaction.
He is an ocean of mercy and the only one worthy to surrender to
On the lotus of one’s heart He is situated
On that four armed form should be meditated.
Dhruva: (softly) Four arms.
Narada Muni: The nails of His lotus feet shining
and His lotus face always smiling.
One who meditates in this way will be freed from all contamination
as he’ll taste day by day love of God without cessation.
Now I shall teach you a mantra, which is very confidential. One who chants
this mantra for seven nights can see the Siddhas flying in the sky. Om namo
bhagavate vasudevaya
Dhruva: Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Narada Muni: Make a form of the Lord out of clay a Deity and while chanting
worship Him by offering water and purified fruits, flowers, flower garlands
or even newly grown grass, small buds of flowers or the barks of trees and
the best of all tulasi leaves, which are very dear to Him. In this way
absorb your mind in the Lord. In order to have full control over your self
you should be very sober and peaceful and must be satisfied with whatever
fruits and roots are available in the forest. Besides worshiping the murti
and chanting the mantra three times a day, you should meditate on the Lord’s
transcendental activities. Anyone who thus engages seriously and sincerely
with his mind, words and body, aloof from all kinds of sense gratification,
is blessed by the Lord according to his desire. Narayana Narayana Narayana.
Narrator: After Dhruva entered Madhuvan, Narada Muni went to see King
Uttanapada, who received him respectfully.
Narada Muni: Narayana. Maharaja, Your face appears to have withered up.
You clearly have been thinking upon a troublesome matter.
Have you been obstructed from following your religious duties?
King Uttanapada: O best of the Brahmins: I’m so fallen.
Being too attached to my wife Suruci,
I haven’t been so mercyfull to my son of Suniti,
who is only five years old!
I don’t know what to do. How I was controlled!
Just see! Just see! How I was partial to Suruci. O just see my cruelty!
His face was like a lotus flower.
I worry about his precarious condition.
He is without protection!
Maybe he is very hungry!
He might be lying in the forest! Where wolves might have attacked him!
Just see! Just see! How I was partial to Suruci. Just see my cruelty!
Out of love and affection, he was climbing on my lap.
But no, I would not receive him? My own offspring!
Not even that. No not even that!
How I was partial to Suruci. Just see my cruelty!
Narada Muni: Maharaja, please there’s no need to grieve about your son.
He is well protected by the Lord of lords Himself.
By his great abilities he will perform austerities
unfeasible in this age by king or sage
Very soon your son will complete his undertaking
and on his own finds his way back home
His fame will spread all over the worlds
and your own good name will be known as well.
This I foretell Narayana.
Narrator: Having arrived at Madhuvana, Dhruva took his bath and observed
fasting in the night. Then he engaged himself in worshiping the Lord. For
the first month he ate only fruits and berries on every third day. In the
second month Dhruva ate every six days dry grass and leaves. During the
third month, he drank water only every nine days. Thus he remained
completely in trance worshiping the Supreme Lord. In the fourth month,
Dhruva became a complete master of the breathing exercise, inhaling only
every twelfth day. In this way he became completely fixed. By the fifth
month he had controlled his breathing so perfectly that he was able to stand
on one leg, without moving, while fully concentrated on the Supreme Brahman.
Completely in control of his senses, he fixed his mind upon the form of the
Supreme Personality of Godhead in his heart. As he kept himself steady, the
pressure of his big toe pushed down half the earth. With all the holes of
his body closed Dhruva became practically one in heaviness with Lord Vishnu.
The total universal breathing became choked up and all the leading Devas in
all the planetary systems felt suffocated and thus took shelter of the
Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Devas: Oh Lord of Lords: Every living entity seems to be suffocating,
gasping and choking. We never have experienced such a thing!
You are the sanctuary of every living thing, moving or non-moving
You take control of the surrendered soul.
Therefore O Supreme Arranger: Save us!
Save us from this danger. Save us from this danger! Save us from this
danger. From this danger!
Lord Vishnu: My dear Devas, do not be perturbed. The universal breathing
process has been obstructed on account of the boy Dhruva’s absorption in Me.
I shall ask him to stop, so you can safely return to your abodes.
Narrator: Reassured by the Lord, the Devas were freed from all fears and
after offering their obeisance’s they returned to their heavenly planets.
Then Lord Vishnu climbed on the back of Garuda, who carried Him to the
forest of Madhuvan. The form of the Lord, which was brilliant like lighting
and in which Dhruva was fully absorbed in meditation, all of a sudden
disappeared, thus breaking his meditation. Opening his eyes he saw that same
brilliant Form standing before him, just as he had seen Him in his heart.
Being greatly confused Dhruva fell flat before the Lord and in ecstasy
looked upon Him, as if he were drinking the Lord with his eyes, embracing
the Lord with his arms and kissing His lotus feet. With folded hands Dhruva
stood before the Lord, desiring to offer suitable prayers, but he was
inexperienced. The Lord, being situated in everyone’s heart, could
understand Dhruva’s awkward position and out of His causeless mercy He
touched His conch shell to the boy’s forehead by which Dhruva became
perfectly aware of the Vedic conclusion and understood the Absolute Truth
including the Lord’s relationship with all living entities.
Dhruva: My dear Lord: You are all-powerful.
After entering within me, You have enlightened all my senses.
Especially my power of speech
My obeisance’s unto You, the Absolute Truth.
How can one ever forget You?
If one desires elevation or liberation, You are the only shelter.
My dear Lord: One who worships You with material motivation
is covered by illusion, still I desire such benedictions,
Boons that are there, even for those who live in hellish conditions
So please bless me that I may be with Your devotees,
to transcend this material existence very easily.
Lord Vishnu: My dear prince Dhruva, you have executed pious vows. I know the
desire within your heart and all though it is very ambitious and difficult
to fulfill I shall favor you with its fulfillment. All good fortune unto
you. I shall award you the glowing planet of the polestar, which will
continue to exist even after the dissolution at the end of the millennium.
No one has ever ruled this planet, which is surrounded by all the solar
systems, planets and stars and which continues to exist even after the
dissolution of all others. Having gone there you’ll never have to come back
to this material world. After your father goes to the forest and awards you
the rule of his kingdom, you will rule the entire world for thirty-six
thousand years and all your senses will continue to be as strong as they are
now. You will never become old. Sometime in the future your brother Uttama
will go hunting in the forest and while absorbed in hunting he will be
killed. Your stepmother Suruci, being maddened upon the death of her son,
will go to search him out in the forest, where she will be devoured by a
forest fire. My dear Dhruva you will worship me with great sacrifices and
will give great charities. In this way you will be able to enjoy the
blessings of material happiness in this life and at the time of death you
will be able to remember Me.
Dhruva: Oh, what have I done? What have I done?
Just look at me! I saw the lotus feet of the Personality of Godhead,
who can stop the cycle of birth and death in a single breath
And I prayed for things, all perishable. Oh how lamentable!
Foolishly, covered by maya’s energy, I saw my baby brother as my enemy!
Huh! Little Uttama, my enemy? Oh how foolishly!
To pray for things, all perishable. Oh how lamentable!
The Lord offered His service to me, but all I wanted was prosperity!
Prosperity, name and fame! What a shame
And I prayed for things, all perishable. Oh how lamentable!
T. I’m just like that poor man, who satisfied the emperor, who wanted to
give him anything he might ask for and who then asked him only for a few
broken grains of husked rice! (sighs)
Oh how lamentable!
Narrator: When a messenger informed King Uttanapada that his son was on his
way home, he couldn’t believe his good fortune, but remembering the words of
Narada Muni, he became overwhelmed.
In great appreciation he offered the messenger a highly valuable necklace
which he was wearing. Then immediately he left the city accompanied by both
his wives, his son Uttama, learned Brahmins, elderly family members,
officers, ministers and friends. Upon seeing Dhruva entering a nearby
forest, the King hastily got down from his chariot.
King Uttanapada: O my son. I’m so glad. I’m so glad to see you.
Narrator: Warmly embraced his son. Dhruva was not the same as before, being
completely sanctified due to having been touched by the lotus feet of the
Supreme Personality of Godhead. He offered his obeisances at the feet of his
father, who honored him with various questions.
King Uttanapada: O I’m so proud of you. I heard from Narada Muni that you
have performed greater austerities, then any ksatriya or rishi has ever
Dhruva: I saw Lord Vishnu father.
King Uttanapada: You did?
Dhuva: He is so beautiful father.
King Uttanapada: O I’m sure he is. You are so fortunate. And I am so
fortunate to have you as my son.
Narrator: He then bowed his head at the feet of Suniti as well as Suruci.
Seeing that Dhruva had fallen at her feet, Suruci immediately picked him up.
Embracing him and with tears of joy she blessed him.
Suruci: O my dear boy. Long may you live.
Narrator: The two brothers also embraced one another (crying) Overwhelmed by
love and affection the hair on their bodies stood up. Then Queen Suniti
embraced the tender body of her son, who was dearer to her then her own life
and thus forgot all material grief. Her tears together with the milk flowing
from her breasts, wet Dhruva entire body. While everyone was praising this
son, King Uttanapada was overwhelmed with joy. He had the two brothers
seated on the back of a she elephant and thus they all returned to the
Man: Dhruva Maharaj ki!
All: Jaya!
Narrator: In honor of Dhruva’s return the city was decorated with columns of
banana trees. Many gates were set up, which were structured to give the
appearance of sharks. At each gate there were burning lamps and big water
pots decorated with colored cloth, strings of pearls, flowers, garlands and
hanging mango leaves. All the palaces, which were already very beautiful
were decorated with golden ornaments. All the quadrangles, lanes and streets
and the raised sitting places at the crossings, were thoroughly cleansed and
sprinkled with sandalwood water. Rice, barley as well as flowers and fruits
and many other auspicious presentations were scattered all over the city. As
Dhruva passed by, all the gentle household ladies assembled to see him and
offered their blessing, showering him with white mustard seed, barley, curd,
water, newly grown grass, fruits and flowers. Then Dhruva entered his
father’s grand palace, which had walls bedecked with valuable jewels. His
affectionate father took particular care of him and he dwelled in that
palace just as the Devas live in the higher planetary systems. The bedding
in the palace was as white as the foam of milk and was very soft. The
bedsteads were made of ivory with embellishments of gold and the chairs,
benches and other furniture were all made of solid gold. The palace was
surrounded by marble walls, which had many engravings of beautiful women
with lamps in their hands made of sapphire and other valuable jewels.
Surrounding the King’s residence were gardens with varieties of trees,
brought from the heavenly planets. In those trees were pairs of sweetly
singing birds and almost mad bumblebees, which were making a very sweet
buzzing sound. There were emerald staircases, which led to lakes full of
various colored lotus flowers and lilies and were swans, cranes and many
other birds were visible. Many years later when the saintly King Uttanapada
saw that his son Dhruva was mature enough to take charge of the kingdom and
that his ministers were agreeable and the citizens were very fond of him, he
enthroned. Dhruva as the emperor of the planet. After considering his
advanced age and deliberating on the welfare of his spiritual self. King
Uttanapada detached himself from worldy affairs and entered the forest.
Thereafter Dhruva Married and had two sons named Kanlpa and Vatsara from his
wife Brahmi and another son named Utkala and a very beautiful daughter from
his other wife Ila. Once Dhruva Maharaja’s younger brother Uttama went
hunting in the Himalayas and was killed by a Yaksha. His mother Suruci, as
foretold went to look for him and was devoured in a forest fire. When Dhruva
heard his brother was killed by a Yaksha, he became overwhelmed with
lamentation and anger, he climbed on his chariot and went to the northern
direction of the Himalayan range. In a valley he saw Alakapuri, a city full
of ghostly persons. He blew his conch shell and the sound reverberated in
every direction. The greatly powerful heroes of the Yaksas, unable to
tolerate the resounding vibration of the conch shell, came forth from their
city. Armed with different kinds of weapons they attacked Dhruva, who
immediately began to kill them by simultaneously discharging arrows three at
a time The Yakshas in return threw twice as many arrows along with swords,
spears, lanes, pikes, tridents and iron bludgeons, which completely covered
Dhruva Maharaj, just as a mountain is covered by incessant rainfall. From
the sky the fight was witnessed by Siddhas. The Yaksas, being temporarily
victorious, (Jay! ) proclaimed their victory, but just as the sun suddenly
appears from within foggy mist, Dhruva’s chariot suddenly reappeared. His
bow and arrows twanged and hissed, shattering all their different weapons,
just as the blasting wind scatters the assembled clouds in the sky. They
pierced the shields and bodies of the Yaksas.Those, who were not killed had
their limbs cut to pieces. Thus they began to flee. Seeing not one of the
opposing soldiers left standing with proper weapons, Dhruva Maharaj then
desired to see Alakapuri.
Dhruva: Hmm, I had better not, no one knows what tricks these mystic Yaksas
may get up to!
Narrator: In the mean time, while he was talking with his charioteer he
heard a tremendous sound, as if the whole ocean were there and they found
that from the sky a great dust storm was coming over them from all
directions. Then a rainfall of blood, mucus, pus, stool, urine and marrow
fell heavily before them along with trunks of bodies. Next a great mountain
was visible in the sky and from all directions hailstorms fell along with
lances, clubs, swords, iron bludgeons and great pieces of stone. They saw
enormous serpents with angry eyes, vomiting forth fire, coming forward along
with groups of mad elephants, lions and tigers. Then as if it were the time
of the dissolution of the word, a fierce sea with foaming waves and great
roaring sounds came forward before him. Great sages assembled to offer
auspicious encouragement to Dhruva Maharaj, who was astonished by the
illusory mystic tricks of the Yaksas.
Sages: May He, who relieves the distress of His devotees kill all your
The Holy Name of the Lord in Itself is as powerful as the Lord Himself!
Just by chanting and hearing His Holy Name,
the whole world can easily attain protection from death.
Narrator: Hearing their words Dhruva performed acaman and then took up his
arrow made by Lord Narayana. As soon as he joined the narayanastra to his
bow, the illusion created by the Yaksas was immediately vanquished, just as
all material pains and pleasures are vanquished when one becomes fully
cognizant of the self. Even as he fixed the weapon made by Narayana Rishi
onto his bow, arrows with golden shafts and feathers like wings of a swan
flew out of it. With a great hissing sound they entered the enemy soldiers.
Those sharp arrows dismayed the enemy, who almost became unconsciousness.
Various Yaksas somehow or other collected their weapons and in a rage
attacked him. When Dhruva saw them coming forward he immediately took his
arrows and cut them to pieces, separating their arms, legs, heads and
bellies from their bodies.
Manu: My dear son: Your killing of so many Yaksas
is not approved by any authority, neither it befits our family.
Although you are greatly aggrieved by the death of your brother.
Just consider your punishment!
For one Yaksa’s offense, you have killed many others,
who were all innocent!
It is far from easy to reach the abode of Lord Sri Hari.
You are destined to go there, being His pure devotee.
Your life my son, is meant for exemplary behavior.
I am therefore, quite surprised to see,
how how you could have acted so abominably
By your action Dhruva you have upset Kuvera.
You should pacify him properly, before his rage effects our family.
Lord Vishnu is very pleased when His devotees treat others with patience,
mercy and equality.
Control your animosity! As you should know,on the path of perfection anger
is the foremost foe!
Narrator: When Lord Kuvera, the treasurer of the Devas, heard that Dhruva
Maharaj had stopped killing the Yaksas, he appeared before Dhruva, while
being worshipped by Yaksas, Kinnaras and Caranas.
Lord Kuvera: I’m very glad o Dhruva, o sinless son of a ksatriya
that by the instructions of your family, you have given up all of your
Our identification is the cause of reincarnation
Actually you haven’t killed the Yaksas , nor have they killed your brother.
For the ultimate cause of our behavior to each other
is the Lord’s eternal energy of time!
My dear Dhruva: Please, please come forward.
May you always be graced by the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Only He can free us from the repeated cycle of birth and death.
We have heard, you are constantly engaged in serving Sri Hari.
You are worthy to ask any boon from me.
Feel free to ask me whatever you want.
Narrator: In due course of time Dhruva Maharaj performed many great
sacrifices in order to please the enjoyer of all sacrifices, the Supreme
Personality of Godhead.He was very respectful to the Brahmins and very kind
to the poor and innocent. He diminished the reactions of pious activities by
enjoyment and by practicing austerities he diminished inauspicious
reactions. Thereafter he handed over the charge of the royal throne to his
son. After ruling this planet for 36.000 years he considered his body, his
wives, his friends, his army, his treasury, his comfortable palaces and his
pleasure grounds to be creation of the illusory energy. Thus he retired to
the forest of Badarikashram. There his senses became completely purified
because he bathed regularly in the crystal-clear purified water. He fixed
his sitting position and controlled his breathing. In this way his senses
were completely withdrawn. Thus he concentrated his mind on the arca-vigraha
form of the Lord and meditating upon Him, entered into complete trance.
Because of his transcendental bliss, incessant tears flowed from his eyes,
his heart melted and there was shivering and standing of the hairs all over
his body. Thus transformed, Dhruva Maharaj completely forgot his bodily
existence and thus he immediately became liberated from material bondage. As
soon as the symptoms of his liberation were manifest, he saw a very
beautiful air plane coming down from the sky, as if the full moon were
coming down, illuminating all ten directions. In the plane he saw two very
beautiful personalities with four arms and a blackish luster. Realizing that
they were servants of Lord Vishnu, Dhruva Maharaj immediately stood up.
Being puzzled however, he forgot how to receive the visnudutas Nanda and
Sunanda in the proper way. Therefore he very humbly offered obeisances and
chanted the holy names of the Lord.
Dhruva: Om namo narayanaya namaha
Visnudutas: Dear Maharaj: Bhadram te
Please listen to what we’re about to say
When you were five years old, you pleased the Lord by your self control.
Therefore you’re worthy to aboard this vimana, sent by the Lord.
As Lord Sri Visnu’s representatives we have come
to bring you back home with us.
Back to Vishnuloka as by your austerities you have earned
for what great rishis and devas yearn.
Please come, you are welcome to live there eternally
Narrator: Dhruva Maharaj took his bath and performed his daily spiritual
duties.and offered his obeisances to the sages and accepted their blessings.
Before getting aboard, while cricumambulating the airplane and offering
obeisances to the vishnudutas he became as brilliant and illuminating as
molted gold. When attempting to get on the transcendental plane, he saw
death personified approach him to offer him his obeisances.
By placing his feet on the head of death he got up on the vimana. While
kettledrums resounded in the sky and Gandharvas began to sing and demigods
showered flowers like torrents of rain The vishnudutas could understand his
mind and showed him that Suniti was going forward in another vimana. Passing
through space Dhruva Maharaj saw all the planets of the solar system and on
the way he saw all the demigods showering flowers upon him. After surpassing
the planetary systems of the seven great sages, he achieved the
transcendental situation of permanent life on the planet of Lord Vishnu,
known as the Pole star, which is unceasingly circumambulated by all the
luminaries within the universal sky.


Lokanath Swami: While listening to your Dhruva Maharaja musical, I
remembered how it was one of the first stories I was told as a child. You
have nicely packaged the dramatic narration with contemporary music. It’s
quite a unique presentation. I really liked it.

Bhawesh Shaz: I got the CD of Dhruva Maharaja at Bhaktivedanta Manor on
Sunday. That night I listened to it in the car while taking my friends home.
Me and my friends really enjoyed it. It made our journey very
transcendental. Since then I have also listened to it at work, and the more
I listen to it the more I love it. All those devotees involved have done a
tremendous job of bringing the pastimes of Dhruva Maharaja to life. The
music is ecstatic, and the voices are very befitting. I particularly like
yours, Gaurangi’s and Kripamoya’s. Truly a work of art, which I’d like to
see performed live on stage one day! I would like to order the rest of the

Hemanga das: On our way back home we were listening to the Dhruva Maharaja
musical. After the first two parts I imagined myself how wonderful preaching
tool you have produced and how nice it will open the hearts for our
philosophy in the western world. Mixed with this vision and the feelings of
leaving Radhadesh my hairs stood on end, and I wept literally tears almost
the whole way up to Liege. My dear wife had to calm me down by massaging my
arm all the way.

Sivarama Swami: Overall I think the Dhruva Maharaj musical is a wonderful
production. It woves nicely. Arjuna’s narration is seamless, professional
and the music is pleasing.

Vinode manjari dasi (SDG) Radhadesh Belgium: Your contribution to our KC
movement through music and drama is wonderful, enlivening, relaxing and
inspiring. I love the song you sang as Narada describing the beauty of the
Lord. You must have sung it with full devotion from your heart, as you want
to hear it again and again. Thank you.

Krsna-ksetra das (ACBSP): Your Dhruva musical is a pleasure to listen to. As
a musical it renders the story in a dramatic and entertaining way,
highlighting the determination of the child hero to have the Lord’s darshan.
It shows great promise as a way to render so much more of our tradition’s
narratives, making it more accessible to a much wider audience than would
otherwise be attracted, and of course it will be especially attractive to

Cintamani Engelhardt USA: Your latest musical of Dhruva Maharaja was so
nice. I liked the singers that you chose for the different parts. Everything
was so professionally done. I felt as though I was actually there within the
story of Dhruva. Please continue making more of these wonderful CD’s so we
can always fill our ears with the sound of Krishna’s pastimes.

mp3 (5 musicals Playtime 3.6 h) 25 euro

mp3 (14 dramas/comedies Playtime 3.7 h) 25 euro

mp3 (19 musicals/dramas Playtime 7.3 h) 50 euro

CD 1) Govardhana Musical
CD 2) Sudama Vipra Musical
CD 3) Princess Rukmini Musical
CD 4) Krsna Janma Musical
CD 5) Dhruva Maharaja Musical
CD 6) Sri Sakshi Gopala Drama
CD 6) Transylvania Transcended Comedy
CD 7) The Syamantaka Jewel Comedy
CD 8) The Wrong Bank Account Comedy
CD 8) The Boatman & The Scholar Comedy
CD 8) The Test of Bhrigu Muni Drama
CD 9) Cafe Concoctione Comedy
CD 9) The Bird in the Cage Comedy
CD 9) The Drowning Man Comedy
CD 10) The Marriage of Samba Drama
CD 10) The Genie in the Lamp Comedy
CD 11) The Chess Match Drama
CD 11) The Cobbler & The Brahmana Comedy
CD 12) Soul Time Songs
CD 13) Soul Time 2 Songs

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