Cooking With Kurma in The Hague and Radhadesh

The renowned chef Kurma Dasa is coming to The Hague and Radhadesh, to present cooking courses!

Saturday & Sunday June 11th & 12th* 10:00-16:00 in The Hague
Saturday & Sunday June 18th & 19th 10:00-16:00 in Radhadesh

*Sunday 12th is a Vegan Class.

Come and enjoy a hands-on, kitchen-interactive tour of the world of international vegetarian cuisine with Australia’s favourite cooking guru. Learn the art of menu creation, knife skills, preparation of fresh cheese, making your own spice masalas, rice dishes, savouries, breads, pickles, chutneys, vegetable dishes, salads, sweets and much much more. Enjoy sublime kitchen camaraderie!

For bookings please use the following link. For more info on availability and group discounts please write to Madhu Gopal.

About Kurma Das

KurmaText 120w, 508w, 703w, 680w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 211px) 100vw, 211px" />Kurma Dasa has published 4 cookbooks, all best-sellers, and two sets of recipes cards for convenient use in the kitchen.

Kurma has hosted three internationally broadcast television cooking series seen in over 46 countries. His third and latest 26-part TV series “Cooking with Kurma – More Great Vegetarian Dishes” was screened throughout Australia on SBS TV and Foxtel TV.

He is a very warm-hearted person and his presentations of healthy, delicious, vegetarian cooking continues to shake off the outdated notion
that vegetarian food is dull and lack-lustre. Recently he has relocated to Ireland and is now presenting gourmet vegetarian cooking masterclasses throughout the Europe. He continues to write columns for various magazines and is working on even more cookbooks.

“Kurma .. has a gentle style that is a happy contrast to the frantic and frenzied style of most television cooks. His subtle wit and enthusiasm, combined with his fabulous-looking dishes, can renew your culinary excitement and creativity.” (Vegetarian Times)
“Kurma’s likeable personality makes it a totally fun experience.” (Hinduism Today)

For more info on Kurma Dasa please check out his website: