ELM 2011

ELM 2011 – presentations and yatra reports (selection)

10th ISKCON European Leaders Meeting

Villa Vrindavana, Italy

September 30 and October 1

elm 2011     

Devotee care

1. Mentoring/counselling (Chowpatty example now operating in Hungary) – Guruttama dasa and Radha-krishna dasa – MP3 and POWER POINT

2. Devotee care program at ISKCON London – Jai Nitai dasa & Bhava Bhakti dasi – VIDEO:

3. Questions and Answers by Guruttama dasa, Jai Nitai dasa and Bhava Bhakti dasi – MP3

4. Marriage service for ISKCON Europe – Jagannathesvari dasi – POWER POINT

5. Devotee retirement home “Vaishnava Dhama” – Rasa Sundari dasi – POWER POINT


6. Expanding European representation of Global Ministries – Syamasundara dasa – MP3 and POWER POINT

7. European RGB representatives presentation at ELM Sep 2011 – Syamasundara dasa – POWER POINT


8. Update on our regional model and how it fits in with the Global proposal – Praghosa dasa – MP3 andPOWER POINT

9. One local level organisational structure (UK Regional model) – Tribhanganandana dasa – MP3 and POWER POINT

Reports from European centres


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