Entertaiment part at the ELM 2011 in Villa Vrindavana, 30th September and 1st of October





Devotees from Radhadesh will perform four pieces over the two evenings.

On the first evening, two short dramas suitable for public events will be presented. Both pieces are original works created for and presented at the London Rathyatra in 2011. The first is called "The Future of God". It shows how in the future science has won the battle against religion, though resistance is maintained because of the presence of some mysterious books that have been found. The second piece is a dialogue-free work depicting the theme that until we give our hearts to Krsna, every other person we give our heart to will break it.

On the second evening, the theme will be dramas for devotees. There will be a rendition of the Bilvamangala pastime and a second, short presentation with a technological twist on how our mind is our greatest enemy, especially during japa.


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