Euro RGB Krsna Valley, Hungary October 1-2, 2018

Voting members: 20
Quorum: 10
Voting members present: 14
Non-voting members present: 3


  1. Dina-sharana devi dasi (GBC of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Dole; IDSAF Director)
  2. Hrdaya Caitanya dasa (GBC of Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain, New Mayapur; co-GBC of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France, except New Mayapur and Dole; Euro RGB Secretary for Benelux)
  3. Janesvara dasa (Almviks Board; Euro RGB Secretary for Sweden, Norway, and Denmark)
  4. Krisna-kirtana dasa (Euro RGB representative for Poland, TP New Raman-reti Warsaw – PL)
  5. Lalitanatha dasa (Euro RGB secretary for Denmark)
  6. Mahaprabhu dasa (Director of IC Benelux; Minister of ISKCON Communications Europe)
  7. Manohara dasa (TP Radhadesh, Belgium)
  8. Praghosa dasa – arrived later (GBC of Channel Island, Denmark, England, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Wales)
  9. Prahladananda Swami (GBC for Croatia, Co-GBC Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia, Euro RGB Chairman; Health and Sannyasa Minister)
  10. Radha Krishna dasa (Euro Varnasrama Minister, Euro RGB 1st Vice Chairman)
  11. Sivarama Swami (GBC of Hungary, Co-GBC of Romania)
  12. Smita Krsna Swami (Minister for Cow Protection)
  13. Tapas dasa (TP Stockholm; Chairman of the National Council in Sweden)
  14. HH Yadunandana Swami (national secretary for Spain)


  1. Jai Nitai das (zonal supervisor of UK)
  2. Gopaswami das (instead of Janananda Goswami – assistant member)
  3. Trilokatma dasa – assistant member


  1. Bhaktivaibhava Swami (GBC for Albania, Czech Republic, Finland, Macedonia, Slovakia, Co-GBC for Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania)
  2. Bir Krishna Goswami (Co-GBC of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia)
  3. Dharmaksetra dasa (Euro Minister of Records, Chairman of the Dutch National Council)
  4. Doyal Govinda Dasa (Euro RGB Secretary for Germany; TP Heidelberg, Euro RGB 2nd Vice Chairman)
  5. Krsna-premarupa Dasa (Euro RGB Secretary for Switzerland; TP Zurich)
  6. Madhusevita dasa (GBC of Cyprus, Greece, Villaggio Hare Krishna, Milano Area, South Umbria, southern Italy, Rome Area, Malta, San Marino; Co-GBC of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France (except Dole)


  1. Nrsmha Krsna das (zonal supervisor of Turkey)
  2. Parabhakti Dasa (TP Villa Vrindavana, Italy) on behalf of Radhanatha Swami

HH Prahladananda Swami is Euro RGB Chairman.
HG Radha Krsna dasa is Euro RGB First Vice-Chairman.
HG Doyal Govinda dasa is Euro RGB Second Vice-Chairman.


  1. Introduction and opening
    Radha Krsna d gave an overview of the feedback which Euro RGB members gave in regards to the last Euro RGB meeting and addressed different concerns which were expressed at that time. New policy on anonymous voting was introduced (having a closed ballot in case one member asks for it) and voted in by the members of the body. Also, overview of the results of the survey done before May meeting on Euro RGB priorities was done.
  2. Ministry for book distribution
    Proposal for establishing the position of the minister was considered and discussed in the wider context of the ISKCON Europe. It was decided that at the moment existing committee headed by Visvambhara d should continue with their service and work on advancing the book distribution in Europe.
  3. Proposal on Financial Transparency
    Hrdaya Caitanya d and Manohara d proposed to initiate a process in which the clear standards for financial transparency in ISKCON Europe would be set. In that way, all GBCs, zonal supervisors, and national secretaries would have a continentally accepted standards for evaluating and, if necessary, improving the financial transparency in the areas of their concern. The proposal was accepted and report is expected at the next meeting.
    AP: Hrdaya Caitanya d and Manohara d will work on the proposal and give report at the next Euro RGB meeting in May 2019
  4. Dividing Europe into zones
    Presentation on the new initiative by the ISKCON’s body for organizational development (in regards to GBC resolution made in 2012) was made by Kaunteya d. Euro RGB members did a group work and discussed the results after which the conclusion was made that the discussion will continue at the general GBC meeting to be held in Kanpur, India in October 2018.
  5. Purpose-driven yatra
    HH Prahladananda Swami made a presentation on the concept of a purpose-driven yatra. The concept is based on the a healthy balance of outside preaching by advanced devotees to inspire new people to come to hear about Krsna, the devotees learning and education, depth of spiritual maturity of its committed members, ministry done by its members, and the spiritual advancement and managerial expertise of its core members. (Presentation available on request.)
  6. Reports
    HH Smita Krsna Swami gave a presentation on the activities of the Ministry for agriculture and cow protection, while Mahaprabhu d and Vaidyanath d gave a report on the activities of ISKCON Communications Europe. (Presentations available on request.)
  7. Budget for 2018/19
    Budget for 2018/19 was discussed and confirmed. The novelty of the budget is the increased amount set for ISKCON Communications. ISKCON Hungary donated the full yearly budget for the Ministry for agriculture and cow protection. At the next meeting in May 2019 the new division amongst the European countries for the amounts of their annual fees based on realistic abilities of each yatra towards the Euro RGB’s yearly budget will be proposed.
    AP: Radha Krsna d will work on the new concept of Euro RGB fees distribution and present it at the Euro RGB meeting in May 2019.
  8. Scheduling meetings for 2019 (May and September)
    The next Euro RGB meeting will be held in Poland, 21-22 May 2019. The next European Leaders’ meeting and autumn Euro RGB meeting will be held in Villa Vrndavana. Dates: 28-29.9. ELM and 30.9.-1.10. Euro RGB.
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