Euro RGB Meeting / New Vraja Mandala – Spain, May 14-15 2016


Present (non-voting members):

  1. HH Bhakti Gauravani Goswami (Euro RGB Secretary for Spain, TP New Vrajamandala)
  2. HH Prahladananda Swami (GBC for Croatia, Co-GBC Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia, Euro RGB Chairman; Health and Sannyasa Minister)
  3. HH Bhaktivaibhava Swami (GBC for Mongolia, Albania, Czech Republic, Finland, Macedonia, Slovakia, Co-GBC for Latvia, North Korea, South Korea, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania; Russia: Baikal, Eastern Siberia, South Siberia, Western Siberia, Far East, Kaliningrad)
  4. HG Dharmaksetra Dasa (Euro Minister of Records, Chairman of the Dutch National Council)
  5. HG Doyal Govinda Dasa (Euro RGB Secretary for Germany; TP Heidelberg, Euro RGB 2nd Vice Chairman)
  6. HG Hridaya Caitanya Dasa (GBC of Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain, New Mayapur; co-GBC of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France, except New Mayapur and Dole; Euro RGB Secretary for Benelux)
  7. HG Janesvara Dasa (Almviks Board; Euro RGB Secretary for Sweden, Norway, and Denmark)
  8. HG Madhu Sevita Dasa (GBC of Cyprus, Greece, Villaggio Hare Krishna, Milano Area, South Umbria, southern Italy, Rome Area, Malta, San Marino; Co-GBC of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France (except Dole)
  9. HG Praghosa Dasa (GBC of Channel Island, Denmark, England, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Wales)
  10. HG Mahaprabhu Dasa (Director of IC Benelux; Minister of ISKCON Communications Europe)
  11. HG Radha Krishna Dasa (Euro Varnasrama Minister, Euro RGB 1st Vice Chairman)
  12. HG Tapasa Dasa (TP Stockholm; Chairman of the National Council in Sweden)

Present (non-voting members):

  1. HG Parabhakti Dasa (TP Villa Vrindavana, Italy) on behalf Radhanatha Swami
  2. HG Lalitanath Dasa
  3. HG Manohara Dasa (TP Radhadesh, Belgium)

Not present:

  1. HH Bir Krishna Goswami (Co-GBC of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia)
  2. HH Sivarama Swami (GBC of Hungary, Co-GBC of Romania)
  3. HG Dina Sharana Dasi (GBC of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Dole; IDSAF Director)
  4. HG Krishna Kirtana dasa (Euro RGB representative for Poland, TP New Raman-reti Warsaw – PL)
  5. HG Krsna-premarupa Dasa (Euro RGB Secretary for Switzerland; TP Zurich)
  6. HG Kripamoya Dasa (Euro Minister for Congregation Development)


Previous minutes

Resolutions from the previous meeting were reviewed.

Resolution on Hridayananda dasa Goswami’s recent trip to Europe

Praghosa dasa updated the body on the situation with HDG.

ZIT Report (Zagreb Investigation Team)

Prahladananda Maharaja gave the report on the situation in Zagreb.



Euro minister for cow protection

A call for applications for the position for the minister has been sent out in April and no one responded to the call. Euro RGB members proposed different devotees as potential candidates for the position.

Action Point: Those who proposed potential candidates will get in touch with these devotees and based on service description ask them if they would be willing to become a minister. By the end of July they will get back with information regarding their answer to Euro RGB body.  During the next meeting decision on the new cow minister will be made.

HG Lalitanatha dasa as assistant Euro RGB secretary for Denmark.

At the meeting in Italy autumn 2015 Lalitanatha dasa was proposed as a RGB secretary for Denmark which was also endorsed Danish National Council. 

Euro RGB Resolution 2016/05/14/01:

HG Lalitanath dasa is appointed as an Assistant Euro RGB secretary.

Planning Euro RGB meetings in advance

Euro RGB wants to establish as a principle that planning of dates for the Euro RGB meetings is done at least one year ahead. In that way participants will be able to apply for different funding opportunities for covering the costs of coming to the meeting.

Euro RGB Resolution 2016/05/14/02:

Next year mid-term meeting: 27th and 28th May, 2017 in Hungary, Krsna valley

Action point: Radha Krsna dasa will get in touch with Sivaram Maharaja if these are good dates for him as well.

Attendees at Euro RGB meetings

Unless there are compelling reasons, all current Euro RGB Global GBC members, Euro RGB Secretaries and Euro RGB Ministers are expected to attend the Euro RGB meetings. Sometimes devotees are invited to attend these meeting either for giving presentations, representing an area or a responsibility, especially in the absence of a Global GBC member, or for furthering their knowledge about the Euro RGB meetings. It is necessary to clarify who can attend the meetings, how they are chosen and if such attendees have any voting rights or other responsibilities.

Euro RGB Resolution 2016/05/14/03:

1. With the approval of the Euro RGB Executive Committee, any Global GBC member may invite a guest to a Euro RGB meeting.
2. With the approval of the Euro RGB Executive Committee, other attendees may also be invited to attend Euro RGB meetings. There may be a variety of reasons why someone is invited to attend a Euro RGB meeting such as to give a presentation, for their personal education, to represent a project or a group of devotees with concerns. At the discretion of the Euro RGB EC, such attendees may be invited to participate fully or partially in any Euro RGB meeting.
3. Attendees who are not full members of the Euro RGB will not have voting rights but may actively participate in the discussions or perform other assigned duties during the sessions of the meetings for which they have been invited to attend.
4. A majority of the present Global GBC members has to be present in order for the meeting be valid.

Euro RGB Fee

Action point: Radha Krsna dasa is working on a proposal of proportional distribution of the Euro RGB fees.

ISKCON trade mark payment for another 10 years

The fee for ISKCON trademark for 10 years period is 2.190,50 euros. It is valid in European Union countries + those who will join later.

Euro RGB Resolution 2016/05/14/04:

UK will pay the renewal, and Praghosa dasa will add the difference (around 200 euros).

Youth coordinator for Europe and Minister for book distribution

Doyal Govinda dasa made a reminder that this service is still not filled. We should have it in mind and have it in the agenda for the next meeting.

Rotating system of the EC

Euro RGB Resolution 2016/05/14/05:

System for membership in Executive Committee of Eur RGB will be: fixed term, but every 2 years one member will step down, and one new person will join.

Brussels event for 50th anniversary of ISKCON event (27th September)

Madayanti dasi gave the report over Skype on developments in regards to celebrations which will happen in Europe. Mahaprabhu dasa gave more detailed report on central celebration in Brussels. The program is planned to take place in the afternoon in Brussels prestigious venue BOZAR – Centre for fine arts where different speakers will address different aspects of the 50 year anniversary of ISKCON.

Present Euro RGB members pledged for the following amounts:
UK 1500 euros
Belgium 750 euros
Hungary 750 euros
Spain 400 euros
Sweden 350 euros
Denmark 250 euros
Czech, Slovakia, Finland 400 US$

Pledges which need to be approved:
Italy 750 euros
Germany 300 euros

Euro RGB Resolution 2016/05/14/06:

Euro RGB decided to have a VIP event/celebration in Brussels in BOZAR – Centre for fine arts as a part of ISKCON 50 celebrations. The budget for the program is 5.500 euros. Mahaprabhu dasa is in charge of the program and finances.

Action point: Mahaprabhu dasa will send 3 proposals for titles of the event to Euro RGB members over the e-mail, who will then decide what is the final title.

Action point: Mahaprabhu dasa will send update end of June, and later on regular basis.

Action point: Manohar dasa took the responsibility to remind Euro RGB members for payments of pledged amounts.

ELM (25th and 26th September) and Euro RGB meting (24th September)

Euro RGB Resolution 2016/05/14/07:

Dates for Euro RGB meeting is September 24th, ELM meeting 25th and 26th (in Radhadesh) and Brussels event is September 27th.

Repository website

Doyal Govinda dasa gave a report on the new web-site It will be used for uploading different promotional materials so that they can be shared by the wider devotee community.

Report from all present at the meeting on 50/50 campaign

Euro RGB members gave reports on the campaign in their zones.

Action point: Secretary will put this agenda item to September Euro RGB meeting and remind everybody to bring figures on how much has been done so far.

Ministry of records presentation

Dharmaksetra dasa gave a report on statistics which have been gathered so far.

Action point: Secretary will remind Euro RGB members in regards to countries in their zones which haven’t reported to the Ministry of records.

Kirtan standards

Sub-committee for kirtan standards was formed with the following members: Bhakti Gauravani Goswami, Madhusevita dasa, Radha Krsna dasa.

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