European Farm Conference New Vrajamandala 7th to 9th May 2012

This is to inform you that the next farm conference will be held in New
Vrajamandala Farm Spain (near Madrid) on the 7th, 8th and 9th of May 2012.

New Vrajamandala is the largest farm project in Europe with 300 hectares of
land. The farm is set in a hilly region with beautiful scenery, mountains,
forests, two rivers and a developing rural community. In 2011 the European
Ministry of education established a college with a number of students taking
courses on theology and varnasrama subjects.

In new Vrajamandala there are two small goshallas, vegetable production,
flower production, all the land is arable farmed. There are plans for wood
fired heating systems run from the estates own woodlands. There are over 400
olive trees (need some restoration), numerous fruit trees (need some
restoration), potential for a village of devotees, potential for a purpose
built temple, they have a hydropower plant that is in the planning stage of
being re-comissioned.

We hope that you and other members of your farm will be able to join us this
year for association of fellow Krishnas earth and cows workers. If you cana
announce this conference to your communities we would be willing to accept
pariticipants who have an interest in the land and related activities.

Costs and travel details will follow in due course.

If you would like to attend, or you know of persons who would like to attend
please can you write to me at the above e.mail address.

ys syamasundara dasa
European Regional Representative of the Global Ministry of Cow Protection
adn Agriculture


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