Grihastha Vision team members visiting Europe!

Grihastha Vision team members, Partha das and Uttama devi, both disciples of Srila Prabhupada, offer to share their wisdom of 46 years of marriage and their training and coaching experience to facilitate a 2 day interactive grihastha course, Strengthening the Bonds that Free Us, based on the 12 Principles of Successful Krsna Conscious Family Life.

The seminar helps couples, and those interested in marriage, develop skills to maintain healthy connections and navigate inevitable challenges while weeding out negative paradigms that may sabotage relationships and spiritual growth.

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Partha prabhu and Uttama devi will be visiting Europe end of October and beginning of November. If you wish to host them in your yatra, please contact the secretary of Bhaktivedanta College for arranging the details by using the address: Bhaktivedanta College has invited them to record the online course which will be available in the next few months and we also thought that it would be wonderful if they can visit other places in Europe in person. Book your dates soon to not miss this opportunity!

Partha das and Uttama dd will be available during their visit to counsel individuals and couples after the seminar and to offer a variety of other relationship courses in the evenings. They can also offer Marriage Mentor Training (3days) to long-term happily married couples to enable them to facilitate pre-marital education to those about to marry in your congregation. One of the goals of the GVT is to see every person in ISKCON who wishes to marry is offered 5 sessions of premarital education before marriage. This will enable your community to offer that service. The Strengthening the Bonds that Free US course is a prerequisite for that training. For a reference, you can contact Hanuman das (Spain) who helped design the course and has been instrumental in setting up supports for SA.

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