Minutes from the Euro RGB meeting in New Vrajamandala, October 6-7 2014


  1. HH Bhakti Gauravani Goswami (Euro RGB Secretary for Spain, TP New Vrajamandala)
  2. HH Prahladananda Swami (GBC for Croatia, Co-GBC-Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro; Euro RGB Chairman; Health and Sannyasa Minister)
  3. HH Sivarama Swami (GBC of Hungary, Co-GBC of Romania)
  4. HG Dharmaksetra Dasa (Regional Secretary for the Netherlands, Euro Minister of Records, Chairman of the Dutch National Council)
  5. HG Doyal Govinda Dasa (Euro RGB Secretary for Germany; TP Heidelberg, Euro RGB 2nd Vice Chairman)
  6. HG Hridaya Caitanya Dasa (GBC of Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain, New Mayapur; co-GBC of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France, except New Mayapur and Dole; Euro RGB Secretary for Benelux)
  7. HG Janesvara Dasa (Almviks Board; Euro RGB Secretary for Sweden, Norway, and Denmark)
  8. HG Kripamoya Dasa (Euro Minister for Congregation Development)
  9. HG Madhu Sevita Dasa (GBC of Cyprus, Greece, Villaggio Hare Krishna, Milano Area, South Umbria, southern Italy, Rome Area, Malta, San Marino; Co-GBC of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France (except New Mayapur and Dole)
  10. HG Mahaprabhu Dasa (Director of IC Benelux; Minister of ISKCON Communications Europe)
  11. HG Parabhakti Dasa (TP Villa Vrindavana, Italy) on behalf Radhanatha Swami
  12. HG Praghosa Dasa (GBC of Channel Island, Denmark, England, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Wales)
  13. HG Radha Krishna Dasa (Euro Varnasrama Minister, Euro RGB 1st Vice Chairman)
  14. HG Syamasundara Dasa (Euro Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture)
  15. HG Tapasa Dasa (TP Stockholm; Chairman of the National Council in Sweden)
  16. HG Trisama Dasa (Euro RGB Secretary for Poland; Nama Hatta Director, PL)


  1. HH Bhaktivaibhava Swami (GBC of Albania, Bulgaria, Czech, Finland, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia; co-GBC of Romania)
  2. HH Bir Krishna Goswami (Co-GBC of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia)
  3. HG Dina Sharana Dasi (GBC of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Dole; IDSAF Director)
  4. HG Krsna-premarupa Dasa (Euro RGB Secretary for Switzerland; TP Zurich)
  5. HG Nitai Gaurasundara Dasa (Euro RGB Assistant Secretary of France)
  6. HG Tattvavada Dasa (TP Helsinki; Euro RGB Secretary for Finland)

Minutes taken by: Dinadayal Dasa


Review of the minutes from Villa Vrindavana

Important resolutions from previous minutes were read.

Euro Ministers reports

The next ministries gave their reports:

  1. Ministry of ISKCON Communications Europe – Mahaprabhu Dasa
  2. Euro Ministry for Cow Protection and Agriculture – Syamasundara Dasa
  3. Euro Ministry for Congregation Development – Kripamoya Dasa
  4. Euro Ministry of Records – Dharmaksetra Dasa
  5. Euro Varnasrama Ministry – Radha Krishna Dasa
  6. Sannyasa and Health and welfare Ministry – Prahladananda Swami
  7. CPO Europe – Citrarupini dasi

Communication person for each European country

Action point: Mahaprabhu Dasa will provide names of countries which are missing the communication person.

Nomenclature on Euro RGB level

Zonal Secretaries will be those who complete the training program that is being worked on and are engaged as Zonal Secretaries in a particular zone.

Euro RGB Secretaries are those who are in charge of a zone in Europe, but are not on the GBC. In the future, if they take the training they can be called Zonal Secretaries.

Names of European representatives in each European country for ISKCON 50 years event

Dinadayal Dasa will come up with the list of representatives for each European country and send that to the European Leaders conference.

Health and Welfare Ministry: Mental care

Please be advised that teachers and preachers within ISKCON, who do not have professional training, but take the role of a psychologist, may be in volition of local laws. Prahladananda Swami

ISKCON Websites ratings

Dinadayal Dasa will get advice from professional website administrators how to improve ratings of particular ISKCON webpages. This will be done in cooperation with the European Ministry of Communication.

Service description for European Minister of Education

  1. Be versed in ISKCON law on all stages from gurukula to university
  2. Make a data base of ISKCON educational institutions in Europe
  3. Have connection with each educational institution through a local representative
  4. See that educational institutions adhere to ISKCON standard
  5. Set up a European committee that would serve as a ministry for the minister
  6. Where there are no ISKCON standards or guidelines on education work out guidelines with the committee
  7. Establish guidelines to define the workings of the Minister and Ministry
  8. Propose further functions of both the Minister and Ministry
  9. Develop a European vision for all stages of education in Europe and goals to achieve that vision
  10. Act as an information resource and facilitator for education
  11. Be familiar with legal educational requirements in the EU and supervise that education in countries meets local and EU requirements.
  12. Be familiar with and facilitate different kinds of children’s education in addition to standard gurukula–eg Krsna Avanti, home schooling, sunday school, or other kinds of full time and part time education.
  13. Investigate, work out and promote on-line education.
  14. The Minister is sitting member of the Euro RGB and he/she and ministry under Euro RGB’s authority
  15. To host, be responsible for and supervise other visiting educators or institutions e.g. Devaki dd.
  16. To vet preachers, resident and visiting, and those who are more inclined to educational presentation and interact, co-ordinate, facilitate and guide them to suitable yatras and/or educational facilities.
  17. Interact or affiliate with non devotee educational institutions to facilitate our own education in various ways.
  18. To regularly inquire from yatras as to their educational needs and help develop proper curriculum/programs where none exist.

CPO Guidelines

CPO Guidelines should be shared to all Euro RGBs by Citrarupini Dasi. At the next Euro RGB spring meeting we will check up how much the Guidelines are implemented.

CIT Europe becomes CIT Radhadesh

Malati Dasi and the Radhadesh Administrative Council agree to take up the service of CIT Europe as CIT Radhadesh. In order to make a smooth transfer please find below the different aspects of this transfer.

  1. From 7 October 2014, CIT ceases to function under the supervision of the Euro-RGB and continues as Radhadesh department called ‘Radhadesh-CIT’.
  2. The devotees are serving in that department under the authority of Radhadesh Administrative Council.
  3. ISKCON-Europe centers are welcome to request the services of Radhadesh-CIT; they are not obliged.
  4. Euro-RGB acknowledges that there is a debt towards Radhadesh between 9.000 and max.11.000 euros (depends on the payment of Italy and a few smaller payments) Malati dd will send the exact amount by the end of this week to the RGB secretary.
  5. This debt will be paid off by projects that Spain yatra wants to apply for. Besides the regular fee for Radhadesh-CIT, an extra percentage will be given to paying off the Euro CIT debt.
  6. Current CIT-staff will be asked to continue their service for Radhadesh-CIT.
  7. CIT-Radhadesh continues to support the ongoing projects and all other projects which already have involvement of CIT. When one of this projects succeeds than the payments for the administrative services of CIT will be divided 50-50 towards paying of the debt of CIT-Europe and payment of Radhadesh-CIT.

Ritvik/Prabhupadanuga movement in Germany and across Europe

Euro RGB directs Praghosa Dasa to contact trademark/copyright agent to write the cease & desist letter in relationship to the Prabhupadanuga websites in Germany.

Report on Devaki

Report on Devaki’s preaching is accepted.

Online data base regarding handout material for ISKCON centers

Whereas there is a need for well-planned and good looking posters, flyers and brochures including all necessary points regarding the ISKCON logo and Srila Prabhupadas title/initials plus the fact that many small centers do not have capable devotees who can design such flyers, there is the idea having an online database for designed flyers, posters, brochures etc. as an open data so that centers can use these information for their campaigns.

Resolved, that we create a website, with easy access for registered ISKCON centers, that has enough volume for saving posters, flyers etc. By advertising this proposal throughout Europe, many centers can have well-planed advertising material. Doyal Govinda Dasa is leading this project and will report at the next Euro RGB meeting.

Compliance Office

Euro RGB is proposing that Euro Minister of Records get in touch with the Compliance Director. This service will be confirmed by the Euro RGB EC

Visas for European Countries

Whereas it is necessary that ISKCON is seen as honest and law abiding.

Whereas there are strict regulations concerning who is eligible to receive visas in the European Union

Whereas devotees who obtain visas should follow the rules concerning their stay in the European Union

Whereas visas can be very helpful for securing for the temples needed manpower

Whereas some countries are more lenient in issuing visas

Whereas it reflects badly on the local temple and ISKCON if the rules of the visa are not followed by devotees, even if some group sponsors the devotee that is not officially ISKCON

It is thereby resolved:

Devotees who applies for visas should inform the local temple of their applications. Devotees should follow the requirements of the visas and should only use the visa for permitted activities.

Any visa application that requires ISKCON support must be agreed by the authorized officer or the National Council.

Each National Council should appoint one authority person  to vet and authorize any visa application.

International Varnasrama Ministry

The Euro RGB requests that the GBC recognize the importance of establishing Varnasrama in ISKCON – one of Srila Prabhupada’s repeated instructions to his followers to facilitate mission of Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s sankirtan movement – and take concrete steps to do so, beginning with establishing on international Varnasrama Ministry, and dedicating a GBC meeting or a significant part thereof, to a Varnasrama conference.

Prahladananda Swami as Co-GBCs for Poland and Bulgaria with Bhaktivaibhava Swami

If supported by the national councils in Bulgaria and Poland, Prahladananda Swami is proposed as the Co-GBC for Poland and Bulgaria.

Radha Krishna Dasa Appointed as Assistant GBC in 2015

The Euro RGB Body requests the GBC that Radha-Krishna dasa be appointed as an assistant GBC for Hungary, Turkey, and Romania. (unanimious).

Prahladananda Swami as Active GBC

The Euro RGB Body requests the GBC that Prahladananda Swami be appointed as an Acting GBC.

Euro RGB and Euro RGB EC

Resolution: Trisama Dasa submitted resignation as a member of the Euro RGB as Euro RGB Secretary for Poland.

Resolution: Tattvavada Dasa is stepping down as Euro RGB Secretary for Finland.

Resolution: Nitai Gaurasundara Dasa is stepping down as Euro RGB Assistant Secretary of France.

Euro RGB would like to thank all three members for their dedicated service.

Resolution: Manohara Dasa is voted in as Euro RGB assistant on basis of previously being appointed as the National Secretary for Belgium.

Euro RGB EC membership

We will incorporate the Global GBC model for a future membership.

Election of the Euro RGB Executive Committee

The following Euro RGB EC officers were elected:
Chairman: Prahladananda Swami
1st Vice-Chairman: Radha Krishna Dasa (for one year)
2nd Vice-Chairman: Doyal Govinda Dasa

Secretary to the Euro RGB: Dinadayal Dasa

We are in process of finding a new Secretary for ELM and that person will take care of upcoming ELM meetings. Dinadayal will provide assistance and training in preparations for the ELM 2015.

Annual country contributions for Euro RGB budget

Radha Krishna Dasa will work on this proposal for the meeting in Villa Vrindavana, October 2015.

Euro RGB Budget

Euro RGB Budget for 2014/15 is accepted. For the next year Radha Krishna Dasa will come up with the system of calculating the annual fee with 2% increase of the budget.

Next Euro RGB meeting

To be held in at the Hugarian Farm, New Vraja Dham, from 23-25 of May 2015.

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