Doyal Govinda Dasa

Doyal Govinda das was born on 31st may 1977 in Germany. In January 2002 he joined ISKCON at the Heidelberg center in Germany and has served there ever since. The first years he stayed in the temple and did all kinds of practical services like organizing and cooking for the Sunday feast, going out on book distribution and harinama, shopping and cleaning the temple facilities. There he met his wife Tattvavati dd and got married in 2003. He received his first initiation by HH Kadamba Kanana Swami in February 2004 and two years later his second. During that time he worked at the temple restaurant “Higher Taste” in downtown Heidelberg and also offered prasadam lunch service to several shopkeepers in the main shopping area. In the middle of 2006 he moved back to his hometown some 30 minutes away from Heidelberg where some months later his son Vijay was born. In the beginning of 2008 Doyal Govinda das served as a head pujary at Goloka Dhama/Germany where he got his deep taste for deity worship until after 6 months he again returned to his hometown and the Heidelberg Yatra where he became the temple president at the end of 2009. At that time he started working closely with the GBC representatives in the German Yatra resulting in his election as the RGB Secretary for Germany by the national council by the end of 2011. Parallel to his service for ISKCON, he maintains a fulltime job for a major express and logistics company.