Janesvara Dasa

Janesvara Dasa was born in April 1954 in Stockholm. After secondary school, he was supposed to study medicine, but in the spirit of the times he sought an alternative way of life, traveling in Europe and Asia to examine various cultural, political, and spiritual life-styles. He came into contact with the Krishna movement in Stockholm in early 1978 and was initiated later that year. In his first years as a devotee he dedicated himself to distributing books in Sweden and Denmark and later served for one year as  president of Sweden’s main ISKCON temple, at Korsnaes. He also did fund raising in Sweden and Norway. From 1988 until 2002, he was Headmaster of the small Scandinavian gurukula at Almvik, which was at first in the category of home schooling. In 2002, he attained certification as an accredited teacher in the Swedish school system, where an application is now pending for re-establishing the gurukula as a government-recognized day school. Since 2000 he has been chairperson of the Scandinavian Regional Council. In January, 2010 he was appointed Euro RGB Divisional Secretary for Norway, Denmark and Sweden. He has lived at the Almvik village project since the 1980s with his wife and daughter.