Kripamoya dasa

Born in 1956 in south Wales, where his parents were both in the Royal Air Force, Kripamoya Das was raised as a chapel-going Methodist in a succession of small seaside villages in Cornwall. His maternal grandfather, who had previously been stationed in Allahabad, India, with the British Army in the 1880s, predicted that ‘this boy will become a preacher.’ When he was nine years old, he told his mother he wanted to be ‘a Buddhist monk, with an orange robe and a shaven head.’ At the time his mother thought nothing of it.

Kripamoya Das became aware of the ‘Hare Krishna people’ in 1970, kept missing them through the early 70s, bumped into them twice during 1973, then finally listened to what they had to say in 1974. He met the founder of the Hare Krishna movement and became his student in 1975. After helping to pioneer the early Krishna movement, travelling throughout Britain and Ireland, he was stationed in Kenya, east Africa, for two years. He returned to England and for the next twelve years co-directed ISKCON’s ‘Readers’ Services,’ caring for the spiritual needs of hundreds of members.

Kripamoya Das has visited India twenty times, leading large groups of spiritual travellers to many sacred places. He now teaches the Bhagavad Gita to his own students and interested individuals, online, and to groups around the country. He has appeared on television, radio and in print many times. He has an avid interest in religious history and inter-religious dialogue.

Although an Englishman he is a qualified Hindu priest and often conducts traditional Indian weddings and other colourful ceremonies. Kripamoya Das is on the management body of the largest Krishna temple in the country just outside London, helping to care for the needs of both individual members and the many congregational groups that meet throughout the south of England. He also helps to organise ISKCON’s European Leaders Meeting, a annual convention of Vaishnavas from twenty countries. He has been married for 25 years to Gurucaranapadma Dasi. They have three children: Jahnavi, Tulasi and Mali.

Kripamoya Das is available for talks on a variety of Hinduism, Vaishnavism, Theology and related subjects. He speaks comfortably to large groups or small, and is happy to meet anyone for personal discussions. He can be contacted via: