Radha Krishna Dasa

Radha Krishna dasa

Radha Krishna Dasa is serving in Krishna Valley (Somogyvámos, Hungary), the largest Eco Village in Europe. He is the Director of the temple there, with a team of five department heads and some thirty devotees who serve and volunteer. He joined ISKCON in 1994 and received first and second initiations in 1997 and 2000, respectively. He did sankirtana for more than three years, then became the sankirtana leader and the Vice President of ISKCON Pecs. He held those positions for seven years.

He moved to Krishna Valley in 2005, got married and has two daughters. After being the Deputy Mayor in the local government for four years, at the next election he decided to stay on the Mayor’s Council, but not accept the Deputy Mayor position, because Sivarama Swami is likely to retire from the GBC in 2016 and Radha Krishna is undergoing training to be a GBC in Hungary, Romania and Turkey.

He was the Chairman of the Eco Valley Foundation, which maintains a scientific cooperation with nine universities and is affiliated with the Hungarian Science Academy. This is the only foundation in Hungary that received the “Observer” status to the UN climate discussions. He is also on the Executive Board of the Global Eco Village Network, Europe. From being a student of Engineering in Software and Robotics, he finally became an Agro-Economist and Rural Development Engineer.