Tapasa Dasa

Born in 1956 in Indre Arna, Norway. Took interest in K-con around 1980, before Iskcon started in Norway. Joined the ashrama at Korsnäs Gård Sweden 1982, initiation by Harikesh prabhu 1983, brahmana initiation 1984. Moved back to Norway later in 1982, Travelling sankirtan book distribution from 1982-1997, mostly in Norway, but moved to Hare Krishna centre Stockholm 1995, and did sankirtan in Sweden 1995-97.

ISKCON Communication service 1997-1999. Then 1999-2014, TP at Hare Krishna centre Stockholm, main portion of service are brahminical services as teaching (seminars) mentorship, cultivation of congregational members, some Deity worship and cooking. But also managing Iskcon appartment house, and since 2011 overseeing the Govindas restaurant.

Chairman in the national council since 2001.