Villa Vrndavana – Deity worship course

This year Villa Vrindavana will hold a course for devotees interested in Deity worship. We will follow the syllabus offered by the Mayapur Academy in a reduced format so even though all of the classes will not be available, the contents of our course will be recognized by the Mayapur Academy for those who wish to complete the diploma there.

The course is open to devotees in good standing with first and second initiations and to gurukulis. Temple president recommendation is required. For this first year the course is limited to a maximum of 8 devotees. Application to attend the course does not automatically guarantee acceptance. We consider all applications individually before notifying prospective students of acceptance. Participants will have the chance to spend approximately 3 months in one of the most beautiful temples in Europe and near to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence. For the duration of the course, devotees are required to attend the full morning program, follow the 4 regulative principles, and chant 16 rounds daily.

Course information:

Language: English
Duration: 12 weeks
Start: 11 April 2017
End: 2 July 2017
Fee: € 1100,00 (costs include room and board in the ashram for the duration of the course).

Please read the recommendation by Nrsmha Kavaca prabhu, ISKCON Deity Worship Minister here.

You can watch a short video presentation here and the schedule of the course here.

For more info and applying, please visit the web-site of Villa Vrndavana or contact them directly over