Villagio Hare Krishna – May 11 & 12 2013

Euro RGB Meeting / Villagio Hare Krishna – May 11 & 12 2013



  1. HH Bhaktivaibhava Swami
    (GBC of Albania, Bulgaria, Czech, Finland, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia; co-GBC of Romania)
  2. HH Prahladananda Swami
    (Euro RGB Secretary and Candidate for GBC for Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia;
    Euro RGB Chairman; Health and Sannyasa Minister)
  3. HH Yadunandana Swami
    (Euro Minister for Educational Development; Bhaktivedanta College Principal)
  4. HG Dharmaksetra Dasa
    (Euro RGB Secretary for Netherlands, Euro Minister of Records)
  5. HG Dina Sharana Dasi
    (Co-GBC of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Dole; IDSAF Director)
  6. HG Doyal Govinda Dasa
    (Euro RGB Secretary for Germany; TP Heidelberg)
  7. HG Hridaya Caitanya Dasa
    (GBC of Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain, New Mayapur; co-GBC of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France, except New Mayapur and Dole; Euro RGB Secretary for Benelux; TP Radhadesh)
  8. HG Janesvara Dasa
    (Almviks Board; Euro RGB Secretary for Sweden, Norway, and Denmark)
  9. HG Krsna-premarupa Dasa
    (Euro RGB Secretary for Switzerland; TP Zurich)
  10. HG Madhu Sevita Dasa
    (GBC of Cyprus, Greece, Villaggio Hare Krishna, Milano Area, South Umbria, southern Italy, Rome Area, Malta, San Marino; Co-GBC of Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France (except New Mayapur and Dole)
  11. HG Nitai Gaurasundara Dasa
    (Euro RGB Assistant Secretary of France)
  12. HG Praghosa Dasa
    (GBC of Channel Island, Denmark, England, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Wales)
  13. HG Radha Krishna Dasa
    (Euro Varnasrama Minister, Euro RGB 2nd Vice Chairman)|
  14. HG Ravindra Svarupa Dasa
    (Co-GBC of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Dole)
  15. HG Syamasundara Dasa
    (Euro Minister for Cow Protection and Agriculture)
  16. HG Tapasa Dasa
    (TP Stockholm; Chairman of the National Council in Sweden)
  17. HG Tattvavada Dasa
    (TP Helsinki; Euro RGB Secretary for Finland)
  18. HG Trisama Dasa
    (Euro RGB Secretary for Poland; Nama Hatta Director, PL)
  19. HG Vedavyasa Dasa
    (Euro RGB Secretary for Spain, TP Malaga)

HG Dinadayal Dasa (Euro RGB Secretary)


  1. HG Parabhakti Dasa
    (TP Villa Vrindavana, Italy) attending on behalf Radhanatha Swami
  2. HG Brahma Muhurta Dasa
    (NE BBT) – 2nd day of the meeting


  1. HH Bir Krishna Goswami
    (GBC of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia)
  2. HH Radhanatha Swami
    (GBC of Villa Vrindavana, Firenze area, Centro Studio Bhaktivedanta, Bologna area, and Venice area)
  3. HH Sivarama Swami
    (GBC of Hungary, co-GBC of Romania)
  4. HG Kripamoya Dasa
    (Euro Minister for Congregation Development)
  5. HG Mahaprabhu Dasa
    (Director of IC Benelux; Minister of ISKCON Communications Europe; Euro RGB 1st Vice Chairman)


ISKCON Europe Property Trustee

At the Euro RGB meeting in October 2013, each GBC will present a report from each of its yatra that owns properties. The report will describe what is believed to be a desirable legal structure to safeguard the properties and list the current property trustees for the yatras.

Dinadayal will send a description of the ISKCON UK organisational structure to all Global GBC members who are also property trustees in Europe.

The goals are:

1)    For any ISKCON property, the trustees’ body should be at least three persons:

a)    a local, global GBC,

b)    someone from the yatra and

c)    someone from outside the yatra.

2)    Property trustees should ideally be officers of the different legal structures that own the properties.

3)    Property trustees should be willing and capable of fulfilling their duties for the different areas; otherwise, a new property trustee will be proposed and others replaced when necessary.

Statutes for ISKCON Europe

This topic is on hold.

Second initiation standards

Yadunandana Swami will write a proposal to be reviewed at the October meeting.

GBC for France

The Euro RGB will write to Gopal Krishna Goswami, inviting him to become the GBC for France. This is an exceptional case of having a GBC for a zone in Europe who will not reside in Europe for at least eight months a year.

Save the Yamuna Campaign

The Euro RGB continues to supports the efforts of the campaign and recommends that all European ISKCON centers actively promote this campaign by doing the following:

  1. During the Week of the Save the Yamuna Campaign, 21-29 September 2013, they dedicate lectures, kirtans, and special programs to the campaign. They should also try to involve the local media in advertising the campaign.
  2. To dedicate any future Padayataras in 2013 to Save the Yamuna.


Citrarupini Dasi resumed her service as the CPO Coordinator. She will work in coordination with the Global CPO, Champakalata Dasi. Citrarupini will present the CPO Europe a description of her service at the October meeting.

Euro Zones

Since it was discussed in the Organisational Development Committee that a GBC Zonal Secretary can be responsible for several zones, it was thereafter decided that all European countries individually can be considered “a zone.” Each GBC Zonal Secretary will be responsible for several countries that will be grouped together contiguously. For each country there can be an RGB Secretary in due course of time.

Euro RGB Secretary Netherlands

The Euro RGB elected Dharmaksetra Dasa as the Euro RGB Secretary for the Netherlands.

Procedure for a new RGB members

The process of electing new RGB members will be as follows:

1. A current GBC member recomme­­­nds someone to be placed on the RGB.

2. The applicant fills out the application form and sends it to Euro RGB EC.

3. The form is review by the Euro RGB Executive Committee.

4. The applicant is interviewed.

5. The application is presented at the annual Euro RGB meeting in October.

6. If accepted there are three levels:

  • Assistant RGB member
  • Acting RGB member
  • Full RGB member

7. To become an Assistant, Acting, or Full RGB member, a 2/3 vote of the quorum present at the meeting is necessary.

8. Ministers go through the same process.

Book distribution

A committee was established to research ways of improving the quality of book distribution in ISKCON Europe. The members are: Dina Sharana devi dasi, Doyal Govinda dasa, Madhu Sevita dasa, Nitai Gaurasundara dasa and Radha Krishna dasa. Radha Krishna will be the coordinator and conveyer. Their research paper will be presented at the meeting in October 2013.

Hungarian Leadership Succession

A committee will review the different options concerning a future GBC or Euro GBC representative for Hungary.  The members of the committee are Sivarama Swami, Prahladananda Swami, Dina Sharana devi dasi, Prthivi-pati dasa, Radha Krishna dasa.

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